Monalisa Limousine Inc. reserves the right to alter this policy statement and conditions for use or any part thereof at any time without giving prior notice. 


Clients interested in booking a vehicle may call (323) 933-6662 and provide all information required for the booking to our Reservation Agent. Monalisa Limousine staff will email or fax any necessary forms to be completed by the client and returned. Upon receipt of the completed forms, our staff will create the reservation and the customer will receive a booking confirmation by email.


Direct Bill: Invoices will be mailed semimonthly. Please provide any reference payment account number if necessary. Account must be pre-arranged and in good standing. This form of payment only applies to corporate account. If you wish to set up an account, email Mona@monalisalimousine.com.

Credit Card: Any reservation with a credit card payment will require a signed Credit Card Authorization Form to be on file with Monalisa Limousine – The credit card will be charged and no imprint will be required from the passenger. The credit card will be charged after the service has been provided. Invoice Receipt will be emailed 24-48 hours after the card has been processed.

Cash Collect: Cash will be collected from the passenger by the Chauffeur during the ride. All reservations must be secured by Credit Card Authorization Form collected at the time of booking by our Reservationist. The order will be marked as cash collect. An Invoice Receipt will be emailed 24-48 hours after the card has been processed.

Deposits: A 25-50% deposit is required for certain bookings. In any case, if you are required to place a deposit, the deposit is considered “NON REFUNDABLE” for any reason. A deposit amount is calculated based on the entire reservation, not the minimum required hours .


ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE VIA EMAIL. In the event the booking is cancelled 48 hours or less before your reservation, the customer will be charged 50 % of the entire booking. In the event of a cancellation with less than 24 hours notice before your reservation, we reserve the right to charge the entire fare of the reservation. Corporate accounts have a 24 hour cancellation policy to avoid full charge.


The duration of the booking will be stated on the booking confirmation. Additional hours will be charged as overtime and will be payable to the Chauffeur immediately for all cash customers or will be billed to the credit card on file. The rate will be the same hourly rate times the amount of hours used. All overtime will be billed in half an hour increments. Considering the possibility of a schedule conflict with another Limousine reservation, Monalisa Limousine reserves the right to end the run at any time during over time. You are responsible for leaving any location at a reasonable time to get to your final destination by the end time desired. We are not responsible for unforeseen traffic, closures and detours that may add time to your trip. Our Chauffeur must drive under the speed limit in Stretch Limousines to be sure your ride is comfortable and safe.


Confirmations do not include any additional stops, parking that you may request, tolls, or potential waiting time on non-Hourly Charters. These fees will be added to your final bill. Wait time after first 15 minutes in Sedans and SUV’s will be billed at $10 every 15min.

Waiting time after the first 15 minutes in Limos will be billed at $20 every 15min. Unplanned additional stops will be billed between $20-$30 per stop and will include up to 15 minutes of wait time. After the 15 minute grace period the waiting time charges above will begin to accrue.

For Airport Arrivals, wait time will also be billed after 2 hours of waiting for International Meet & Greets and after 1 hour on Domestic Meet & Greets. We are not responsible for delayed flights. We will try our best to accommodate pickups for any delayed flights as we do track all flights. If in any case that the Chauffeur is already “On Location” and the flight is delayed or held on the Tarmac, wait time will accrue.

We charge an Airport Fee for all airports.

All inclusive rates quoted include a 20% surcharge that covers minimal gratuity for the Chauffeur, any fuel surcharge, any admin fees, any mileage surcharge and applicable STC/PUC charges or taxes. All charges for hourly service are billed in 1/2 hour increments after the minimum has been met.

All minors will be required to sign the "Leslie Bill" before boarding the Limousine at the beginning of the trip. By signing this form, all teens are given advance warning that they have agreed to remain sober throughout the evening and failure to do so will result in immediate trip termination with no refund.


Monalisa Limousine Inc. reserves the right to cancel any hire should any condition render the travel unsafe. Safety is our utmost priority. We apologize for any inconvenience and will try our best to hire one of our affiliates to complete the booking that you have requested. If in any case we cannot find a trusted affiliate, we reserve the right to cancel the booking.


Monalisa Limousine Inc. strives to be at all pick up points 15 (fifteen) minutes in advance of the time agreed. However, there may be causes that occasionally prevent us from meeting these goals such as inclement weather, road traffic, vehicle accidents, road construction & resurfacing and such events outside our control.

“On Time” is considered to be the scheduled pick-up time. Your Hourly Charter will start at the pick-up time or at the time you board the vehicle if it is prior to the schedule time. For pick up and drop offs only, your grace period of “15 minutes to board the vehicle” starts at the scheduled pick-up time.

“Late” is considered to be after the scheduled pick-up time. Monalisa Limousine vehicles are equipped with GPS and cameras that will let us know where the vehicle is/was. A Chauffeur is considered late if the vehicle isn’t at the pick-up location by the scheduled pick-up time. In any case the late time will be added to the end of the run for any hourly service. A Chauffeur not being able to reach you due to errors at the time of booking that weren’t corrected by you after receiving your Reservation Confirmation is not our responsibility. Any such delays will not be compensated.


  1. Damage caused to the vehicle by the occupants will be charged to the person who hired the Limousine. Damages, subsequently cost(s) of repair(s) of such damage(s) to the Limousine(s) hired as used by you the client and/or your guests howsoever caused is your responsibility. Additionally, in the event that one of the members of your party becomes sick in the Limousine, we will charge US$300.00 to secure proper cleansing of the vehicle. Where the booking was secured using a credit/charge-card, you the client, hereby agree that we may deduct from that card, the damages as they have arisen.
  2. Nothing may be placed on the external body of the vehicle that may cause damage to the "painted surface" of the vehicle.
  3. Feet will remain on the floor at all times, the placement of feet on any part of the vehicle fixtures and fittings will sanction immediate termination of the hire. Also the sunroof is locked per CA law and at no point should anyone in your party try to open it.
  4. All doors of the vehicle will remain closed at all times while the vehicle is in motion, for safety purposes.
  5. The vehicle and Chauffeur will be treated with consideration; failure to do so will result in immediate termination of the contract.
  6. All Limousines are legally insured for the carriage of individuals in the vehicle irrespective of age and the vehicle may not be overloaded. Maximum passenger loads will be specified by Monalisa Limousine Inc. and the Chauffeur. No passengers are allowed to ride in front with the Chauffeur.
  7. The Chauffeur will load/unload luggage into and out of the vehicle.
  8. No smoking, illegal drugs, food or Beer will be allowed in any Limousine. Full Complimentary Bars + Nuts are included for Hourly Charters.


Monalisa Limousine Inc. makes every effort to maintain its fleet as often and as thoroughly as it possibly can, Monalisa Limousine Inc. has therefore made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the limousine(s) is/are in the best and most reliable condition and is thereby fit for the purpose of use. In such event should a mechanical breakdown occur outside its control, Monalisa Limousine Inc. cannot therefore be responsible for a mechanical breakdown nor for the inconvenience that these unforeseen event(s) might then or thereafter cause. We will do our very best to accommodate the client by sending another vehicle, if possible. If in any case we must end the trip, you will only be billed for the time used.


Monalisa Limousine Inc. Reserves the right to replace the color vehicle requested with a similar vehicle of another color or upgrade your vehicle (for free) if it so becomes necessary due to unforeseen circumstance or circumstances beyond our control. In which case the agreed price will remain the same and no refunds for transportation services will be issued. If in any case you were specific to a vehicle or color, we will only change the color or upgrade the vehicle with your permission. This is included in all booking confirmations. An upgrade is a vehicle in a higher price bracket than the one booked.


All complaints concerning completed/uncompleted service/services should be communicated in writing by email and addressed to the Chief Operating Officer Mona Marandy at mona@monalisalimousine.com.

We ask all complaints to be submitted within a period of 7 (seven) days after the event was completed/scheduled to be completed to ensure prompt response and accommodation. Any complaints that could have been resolved during the charter by calling our Dispatch Office at 323-933-6662 will not be compensated.

Monalisa Limousine Inc. upper management will endeavor to investigate and respond to your complaint/complaints within a reasonable minimum period of 48 hours and not more than a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days after receiving it .


You are fully responsible for all children on board in case of misbehavior, If they break, damage, or if they vomit inside the vehicle. Upon arrival, the Chauffeur will give you their cell phone number as the main point of contact. They will not take directions from the students on board and will not deviate from the itinerary given by you unless a parent approves, so please be available. If you cannot contact the Chauffeur for any reason please call our Dispatcher at 323-933-6662. The Chauffeur will have the Leslie Bill signed by you and all persons boarding the Limousine on the day of the event. This process can take up to 15 minutes. Please have all persons boarding the Limousine ready to print and sign their name on the form to avoid delays. This form states that if for any reason the Chauffeur feels that anybody on board has been intoxicated in any way shape or form he will stop the run and bring all children back to the starting point with no refunds of unused time. All forms such as the Parental Consent Form and the Credit Card Authorization Forms must be filled out and signed by the person responsible for the booking. All forms except the Leslie Bill must be returned for us to process your booking. You will receive a confirmation by email with all of the information provided in your booking form. Please review the confirmation and respond with "confirm". All booking and cancellation policies are stated on the confirmation. A 25% non-refundable deposit for the full amount of hours you are reserving the vehicle will be charged to the card that you provide for this booking. 


If in any case you are a no show to a pick up at the scheduled location, you will be fully responsible for the charge. Monalisa Limousine sends you a confirmation via email and a booking reminder prior to the cancellation period to avoid you accruing any fees. If you need to cancel, please do so via email and not by phone so that you have proof that you did cancel.

During an Hourly Charter, if you cannot locate your Chauffeur, you must call Dispatch at 323-933-6662 right away. You will be responsible for the Chauffeur’s time and your Hourly Charter will continue even if you have taken alternate transportation because you couldn’t get a hold of the Chauffeur. Our vehicles are fully loaded with Cameras and GPS units so our Dispatcher knows where the Chauffeur is at all times. We will not compensate any complaints if you have not called our 24/7 Dispatcher to assist you. If for any reason Dispatch does not pick up, please leave a voice mail and also call again. Our After Hours Dispatcher can get very busy at peak times. You are also responsible for providing your entire party with the Chauffeurs contact information. The Chauffeur is only provided with the contact phone numbers that you have provided to us at the time of booking.

At the airports, for any Meet & Greet, the Chauffeur will be waiting with a name sign. You will receive a text from your Chauffeur providing his/her cell number to ensure that you make contact. Considering that we cannot always guarantee you will receive the text, if you cannot locate him/her or did not receive the text with the information, you must call our Dispatcher at 323-933-6662 to help you make contact. Leaving the airport with alternate transportation without calling our Dispatcher will prevent you from receiving compensation on any complaint and we will bill you full price for a “No Show”.

All Curbside pick-ups require that you have a working cell phone. The Chauffeur is to text his/her information to you so that you may call him/her once you have collected your luggage and are ready to exit the baggage claim area and walk out to the curb for pickup. If you do not have a working cell phone or if the contact information for the passenger is incorrect, you will be billed for any Late Charges/Waiting Time as well as a potential No Show charge if the worst case scenario occurs and there is no contact person at all. You can always call our Dispatch Office at 323-933-6662 if you cannot make contact with our Chauffeur.



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