Monalisa Limousine is very selective when deciding whom to affiliate themselves with. We are always looking for Livery Companies that take Black Car Service seriously. Below are the requirements necessary to be part of our Affiliate list to receive Affiliate work.

  • Must have a valid TCP.
  • Must have current commercial liability insurance with minimum of $750,000 public liability and property damage insurance, and depending upon how many passengers the vehicle will seat, more insurance, up to $5,000,000 may be necessary.
  • Must have current workers ‘compensation insurance. Your Chauffeurs must be covered by workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Chauffeurs employed by your company must be W-2 and not 1099.
  • Fleet must be available for inspection.
  • Must have 24/7 Dispatch.
  • Must have Chauffeurs dressed in Black Suits, Black Ties and White Shirts.
  • Must have Chauffeurs enrolled in Random Drug Test Screening Program.
  • Must be able to complete and submit the Affiliate Agreement.
  • Must sign the Confidentiality Agreement.

We require an email confirmation of any booking request sent to you, with name and number of the assigned Chauffeur.

We do require your Chauffeur to contact our Dispatch Office at 323-933-6662 to report: “On Location” (15 minutes prior to the pickup time), when the passenger is “On Board” and also when they are “Clear”. We request that you promptly confirm receipt of all emailed communications.

We request that your Chauffeur immediately inform us of any changes made during the ride. Your Chauffeurs may not authorize any deviation from the booking provided without approval from our Dispatcher.

All “Trip Tickets” and “Airport Parking Fees” are included in your quoted price. Additional pay will usually be allowed for the following: “Domestic Meet & Greet” $15.00. “International Meet & Greet” $20.00. “Extra Stop” $20.00. “Wait Time” after the first 15 minutes in Sedan and SUV is $10/15 min. Wait time after first 15 minutes in Limos is $20/15 min. for ”Non-Hourly” and “Non-Airport” pickups.

In case of an Incident, please contact Monalisa Limousine's Dispatcher immediately so that proper action towards our clients may be taken. If a problem is reported after the occurrence, we reserve the right to adjust the charge as necessary to satisfy our clients. It is both Monalisa Limousine and the Affiliate's shared responsibility to “Make it Right” for the client.

All necessary vehicle upgrades MUST be approved by Monalisa Limousine and at no additional cost. Any non-approved upgrade that generates a client complaint may be subject to a charge adjustment to the Affiliates pay.

Double Farming is Strictly Prohibited within our affiliate program. We do not allow Double Farming. Only Accept Work that your Chauffeur and your vehicle can accommodate.

Payment is provided semimonthly in the form of a Company Check and will be mailed to you.

We do require our Affiliate to train their Chauffeur to represent Monalisa Limousine and not your company. All marketing materials must be removed from your vehicles.

Please complete all three forms and submit them to


Monalisa Limousine welcomes Farm-In work from many companies. We have been featured in the LCT Magazine for our leading standard in Affiliate work. We believe in Confidentiality and will treat your clients as if they were ours, all while representing you. We include a Full Complementary Bar in all Hourly Limousine Charters. We include Sodas, Juices and Waters in all “Point to Point” Limousines. All marketing materials will be removed from our vehicles that are used to pick up your clients. To be part of our Farm-In Network, simply complete & return the Credit Card Authorization Form and call our offices at 323-933-6662. They will create a Corporate Profile and attach the Credit Card Authorization Form provided as payment. Your clients will never be contacted via email nor will we ever solicit their business. If your company provides special pre negotiated pricing, Please submit all your company paperwork to for approval. If you require any paperwork from Monalisa Limousine, such as Insurance Liabilities or W9, please email Mona Marandy at


If you must cancel an order that your company has farmed to us, please do so in the form of a phone call to our Dispatch Office at 323-933-6662. If you cancel within 48 hours of the scheduled start time, 50% of the total amount of the fare will be charged to your credit card. If you cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled start time, the full amount will be charged to your credit card.

Monalisa Limousine has a current operating license with the PUC, Full worker's compensation, at least $1,500,000 in Automobile Liability Insurance as well as legal permits in Airports.

Monalisa Limousine’s Fleet is equipped with a camera system that records GPS location and Chauffeur route as well as driving habits to ensure safety. All our fleet is equipped with Fastrack Toll Roads Transponders to ensure the fastest possible route.

Monalisa Limousine will always send a Booking Confirmation to you by email. If you have not received a Confirmation for a booking please call Dispatch at 323-933-6662. Once a Chauffeur is assigned, the name and cell number will be available to you per your call request 24 hours prior to the booking. The Chauffeur will notify your Dispatch with the trip's progression. If for any reason you cannot reach our Chauffeur, it is your responsibility to call our Dispatcher. If you do not call our Dispatcher and subsequently bill us for anything using the reason that our Chauffeur could not be reached, you will not be compensated.

Our vehicles will always be in pristine condition, fully mechanically maintained and properly stocked with Bottles of Water for SUV’s and Sedans. Water & Soda/Juices will be stocked in our Iced Bar in all Stretch Limousines. A Full Bar also available.

Monalisa Limousine has a strict policy of not soliciting business from our Affiliates Clients. All our Marketing Materials will be removed.

Monalisa Limousine Chauffeurs will always wear Black Suits, Black Ties and White Shirts.

Monalisa Limousine will not Double Farm your jobs.

We will not be liable for any inconvenience, any unforeseen mechanical breakdown or any delays considered “Act of God” during your charter. In case of a complete cease of charter due the vehicle booked not being able to function, for any reason. We will do our best to accommodate the pickup with another vehicle to resume the charter, in which case you will not be billed for lost time. In cases where we cannot provide a vehicle to resume the charter, you are financially responsible for finding another means of transportation and we will not bill you for the unused time. We will do our best to assist you in securing alternate vehicles from our affiliates. On all “Under Age Charters”, we will call the parents to have them picked up and the Chauffeur will stay with the party until everyone has been safely picked up. We will not release underage children in taxi cabs, the parents must pick them up. Monalisa Limousine is fully licensed and insured by Lancer Insurance and State Fund Compensation, our license # is TCP 27489-B.

We are not responsible for any agreement that you make with your clients and will not honor them if we cannot bill you. This is an agreement between you and Monalisa Limousine. Please be sure to advise your clients that any gratuity given to the Chauffeur is separate from what you may bill them for the service. Any additional time and services rendered to your client will be billed to you, at our regular rate. Any changes ordered by your client after being approved by your Dispatch will be billed to you and not renegotiated with you. You will also be responsible for all Parking or Tolls that are incurred during the trip, if such service is requested by your client.

Any communications with regard to the Chauffeur or the fare must be called in to the VP of operations within three days of the run ending time. Any "As Directed" bookings in Limos are permitted to bring their own cooler if they are above the age of 21, no food allowed. No Beer or any glass allowed besides bottles of wine. It is illegal to drink alcohol in any SUV or Sedan even if you are above the age of 21. In case of anyone throwing up in any vehicle you will be charged $300.00. The Chauffeur has the right to terminate any run in which he/she finds the client to be unsafe or disrespectful.

  • Domestic “Meet & Greet” $15.00
  • International “Meet & Greet” $20.00
  • “Extra Stop” $20.00-$30.00 Depending upon Distance/Direction
  • “Wait Time” after first 15 minutes grace period in Sedan and SUV $10/15min
  • “Wait Time” after first 15 minutes grace period in limos $20/15min and bus is $40/15min
  • “Wait Time” will also be billed after 2 hours wait for International “Meet & Greet” and 1 hour wait for Domestic “Meet & Greet”.
  • All fees above may also be subject to an additional 20% Surcharge.
  • Any “Additional Expenses” that may occur on the job, at the request of your client will also be billed to you.



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