With a passion for people, a great understanding of customer service and an appreciation of the finer things in life, Monalisa Limousine has quietly built themselves into a personable and powerful driving service that focuses on efficiency, a high-end fleet of cars, and above all else, pleasing the clientele.

The Monalisa Limousine story starts with Ben Marandy, who began his driving career in Los Angeles behind the wheel of a Supershuttle. Ben so enjoyed the experience of getting people where they needed to go that he bought his own Supershuttle in 2002. But his ultimate dream was to have a limo company that he could name Monalisa Limo, as inspired by his childhood in France, and in honor of his two daughters -- Mona and Lisa. It didn't take long before he expanded to purchase his first limousine, officially launching the company in 2004. He worked tirelessly to build his clientele, using a local Starbucks as his office. Since then, the company expanded from one notebook and a pencil at a coffee shop to a 7,000 square-foot office, a full computer system, websites and an impressive fleet of cars.

Ben's approach to building the company was a combination of patience and partnering with key players. He worked in conjunction with other limo companies, taking on their overflow clients and buying cars from others who were selling from their fleets. The more calls he got, the more he was able to build the company… and through experience and determination, he began to build his own fleet, one customer at a time.

With the company in a slow and steady expansion mode, Ben called in his children Mona & Amir to run the business. Mona brings with her a strong business acumen, having worked as a consultant for many celebrities and successful business entrepreneurs. Amir’s extensive travels have given him for his professional tennis career has given the company the correct perspective on what travelers really want to experience. It was under their tutelage that the company expanded to include their current roster of cars, including a cadre of Stretch Limousines, Towncars, Mercedes S550, SUVs and Luxury Vans.

A large part of what helped Monalisa create such a dedicated clientele is their approach to customer service. As Mona puts it, “When a client makes a decision to work with us, it's because they want more for their dime. Where most people are cutting back, my dad and I have looked at the longer term and invested more. There are cars in our fleet that were purchased by request for specific customers. Our cars are stocked with a full bar featuring soda and nuts. Our chauffeurs go out of their way to give the customer what they want, almost to the point of being a concierge. Everyone else is saving more by giving less. We've decided to do the exact opposite.”

And their clientele certainly appreciates it. While the bulk of their customers is what Amir describes as “Wealthy people who don't want you to know they're wealthy” -- including professors, charitable types and people who run some of L.A.'s most celebrated fine art establishments -- the company is now expanding to cater to Hollywood clientele. They also continue to pick up overflow business from other well known companies who refer their VIP executive clients and celebrities, knowing Monalisa Limousine is more than capable of catering to their needs. Amid it all, Monalisa works diligently on plans to continue their expansion on a foundation of reliability, service, exclusivity, privacy and perfect service.

But ask them what the best part is of their business, and the answer is simple— “People are excited when they book with us— they have fun, and they feel good about themselves,” says Mona. “It’s funny because they think it’s just going to be a ride, but when they call back, they always say the ride is the best part of their evening – to be with so many friends and family in a vehicle that accommodates everyone, it's like having a pre and post party. It's fun to hear that everyone had a great time, and that they didn't expect what we gave them. It makes all the difference.”



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